All About Tiles

All About Tiles

Apr 3 - 2018

03 Apr All About Tiles

Tiles or Zellij (meaning “Little Polished Stone” in Arabic) can be seen everywhere in Morocco. It decorates the floors, walls, pillars, tables, pools, fountains and sometimes even streets in Marrakech! Zellij is one of the major characteristic looks and such an important part of the Red City. The geometrically patterned mosaic has been used for centuries as a statement of luxury and sophistication but also because it is just stunning.

Production of tiles is an art that is transmitted from generation to generation.

The making of tiles is an ancient tradition that derives from primitive pottery manufacture and the first real colourful ones dates back to Egypt, almost 5000 years ago. To produce these high-quality tiles, you need the absolute best clay you can find! In Morocco it is the Fez region that is known for the premium class. Here you find skilled craftsmen who make the most beautiful tiles in all different colours and that is painted by hand. The creation of tiles is truly a highly skilled artform!

The Ben Youssef Madrassa in Marrakech is covered with tiles from top to bottom.

At 72 Riad Living you can admire stunning tiles throughout the Riad. We are especially excited about the new tile floors in our brand-new courtyard where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design to create a stylish and sophisticated ambiance.

The new tiles at 72 Riad Living

If you want to bring some Moroccan magic to your own home, you can order the most amazing handmade concrete tiles from Marrakech based Popham Design. Popham Design supplies homes around the world with custom made contemporary tiles. The very hip interior design company Ch(o)uf Project created the stunning tile work in the new wing of 72 Riad Living. Ch(o)uf Project has a showroom in the Marrakech Medina and are truly gifted in combining Moroccan heritage with a very modern twist.

Zig-zag hand-made tiles by Popham Design

A third talented company that focuses the unique style and ambiance that Moroccan tiles create is Sweden based Marrakech Design. Marrakech Design strives to bring the beauty and versatility of Moroccan tiles to Europe taking classic Moroccan/Arabic/French patterns, adapting the colours to fit Scandinavian and Northern European tastes.

Some cool tiles with pattern from Marrakech Design

Moroccan tiles are a reminder of that beauty is in the details. When you visit the Riads and palaces of Marrakech make sure you take the time to stop and admire the tile work that surround you. Get lost in the details and patterns, it’s art created by skilled craftsmen based on centuries of experience and traditions.

Come and experience all the tiles at 72 Riad Living sometime!

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