The New Art Fair in Marrakech

The New Art Fair in Marrakech

Mar 3 - 2018

03 Mar The New Art Fair in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city that is simply buzzing with art! Everywhere you look there are lots of colour and creative shapes. That is the core of the Moroccan architecture. And the intricate tiles are a chapter on its own. So, it’s no wonder that talented artists always have been drawn to the Red City and its beauty, like so many others.

The active art scene of Marrakech has been built up over the past two decades much thanks to Vanessa Branson and the cool Marrakech Art Biennale. This year the Biennale was unfortunately cancelled due to financial issues, which meant there was indeed room for a new art event in town. The “1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair” was accordingly held last weekend, 24 – 25 February, at the hotel La Mamounia.

Artwork from Yossi Milo Gallery

There were special exhibitions at the Musée d’Art Contemporain Africain Al Madeen and The Yves Saint-Laurent Museum as well as events at many local art galleries across the town, including Comptoir des Mines Galerie, David Blokk and LE 18.

The exhibition at the YSL museum with the cool dresses by Noureddine Amir!

The 1-54 African Art Fair involved 17 galleries from Africa and around the world, with over 50 international artists, so it was quite a lot of art on display and for sale. Over 4,000 local and international visitors participated in the festival and they have just announced that this will be an annual event that will return in 2019.

The 1-54 African Art Fair was full of fun surprises!

We can’t wait to participate again in 2019!

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