News in the neighborhood of 72 Riad Living

News in the neighborhood of 72 Riad Living

Jan 31 - 2018

31 Jan News in the neighborhood of 72 Riad Living

First of all, we would like to wish everybody a happy new year and that we do hope to see you at 72 Riad Living during 2018! There is so much happening at our Riad, we have a brand-new wing with several new rooms and we will also open new parts of the Riad during next year. There is also so much happening in Marrakech and especially in our own neighbourhood that we would like to tell you about! In this blog post we have listed some of our favourite hottest shopping spots together with where to lunch and an interesting museum opening, all located in the very happening area around 72 Riad Living.

The charming street leading down to 72 Riad Living

1. Mustapha Blaoui 

The shop called “Mustapha Blaoui” is just down the road from 72 Riad Living and is a well-known one-stop shop for all kinds of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts. It’s one of those classic evergreen Marrakech stores with top quality items, you just must pay them a visit! Here you will find everything from beautiful rugs and amazing lamps to one-of-a-kind furniture, paintings and pottery. When you step through the doors you will be overwhelmed by all the eye-catching lamps in the roof together with piles and piles of Moroccan rugs. It’s hard to not be impressed by this store and even harder to leave empty-handed. There are also an additional couple of rooms behind the first room, don’t miss them!

2. Chez Soufiane

Visit this store for the incredible stock of over 6,000 pieces of beautiful artisan rugs and mats. The Soufiane brothers source and sell amazing Berber Beni Ouirain rugs, most are traditional ones, but some also have a modernist feel to them with bold colours and patterns. At this store you could also buy those exquisite white Moroccan traditional wedding blankets with silver sequins.

3. Valerie Barkowki

Internationally renowned designer Valerie Barkowski creates the most stunning high-quality home interior collections with amazing attention to details. We especially love the high-quality bedding and linens! According to Valérie Barkowski, the essence of style is about sharing opinions, learning and enhancing know how, and promoting emerging techniques. Her stylish concept store, VB Store, is located just around the corner of Riad 72. The place is quiet, a bit hidden in fact, you must look well not to miss it if you don’t know where to look. “I like the idea of a somehow secret space and I also like to meet people who are interested in my work, following me for so many years”, says Valerie about her shop in the Marrakech Medina.

4. La Terrasse by Dar Marjana

When shopping you always must treat yourself to a lovely shopping lunch and what could be better than authentic Moroccan food at La Terrasse by Dar Marjana? Here Chef Philippe and his team are offering modern delicious Moroccan cuisine with a selection of wines and cocktails.

5. Ch(o)uf! Project 19

The newly opened Ch(o)uf Project 19 is located on 19 Derb Inhecke and here you will find the most exquisite Interior design and home accessories in unique styles, based on Moroccan handcraft with a modern twist.

6. Museum of Confluences at Dar El Bacha

Dar El Bacha – Museum of Confluences in Marrakech, located only a few steps from Riad72, is a newly opened museum featuring a unique exhibition to be held until March 19, 2018. With the Dar El Bacha Museum, Museum of Confluences, Morocco demonstrates that it is a land of welcome for the three religions and where different beliefs have co-existed for centuries. with the exposition Shared Sacred Sites (Dec 18th- March 19th)

The streets around 72 Riad Living are always full of activity and this part of the Medina is very happening. New design shops, art venues, charming cafés and great restaurant open all the time. It is the perfect place for your excursions and adventures in the magical Marrakech Medina. Come see us soon!

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