A street food tour in Marrakech

A street food tour in Marrakech

May 22 - 2017
Tasting Marrakech food tours take guests to local, in-the-know food haunts

22 May A street food tour in Marrakech

Astrologers, healing musicians and storytellers recounting age-old tales surrounded by crowds of locals, all in addition to the riotous food stalls that make up the famous Jemaa el Fna. But without a local to provide some insight as to where to eat, the experience can be overwhelming, especially at night. That’s why we are delighted to include Tasting Marrakech food and culture tours of Jemaa el Fna in our carefully selected concierge recommendations.

After meeting the guide at the riad, guests join their English-speaking hostess for a sunset (non-alcoholic) drink overlooking Jemaa el Fna while getting to know each other. After all, the experience is meant to feel like dinner with friends, but with the kind of friends who live in Marrakech and have all kinds of tales to share (along with local insight).

Then it’s time to venture off in to the square, stopping at four food stalls, all personally tested and recommended by the team. Depending on guests’ dietary preferences, they may have the opportunity to sample a traditional Marrakchi dish cooked underground on the coals that heat the hammam. Or tuck in to a sweet-savoury dish typically consumed during Ramadan. And of course for the more daring, sheep’s tongue or cheek. If a must-try list includes snails, take a pit stop at the snail stalls and slurp back the flavourful broth. As each tour is private customized, guests eat only the food they want to try.

As part of the Tasting Marrakech food tours, guests enjoy front-row seats to the best show in town.

In between all the food, guests enjoy the nightly entertainment which may include a reading by an astrologer with the translation provided by the local guide. Gather around a halka circle as locals tune in for a lively performance where there is more than meets the eye. Or stop and listen to some Gnaoua music. And because the hosts don’t want guests to have to worry about a Dirham, they take care of all tips to the performers and payments to stallholders!

Legends abound about the largest square in Africa, this UNESCO World Heritage Site for Oral Heritage, and a bustling place amongst locals. And with a historical guide joining in for the tour, guests are provided with the historical context as well.

Then, bellies full, ambiance soaked up, and photos snapped,the guide accompanies guests to Riad 72 so they are sure to get home safely.

Driven by a love of Jemaa el Fna, Tasting Marrakech is designed for foodies to sample the best of the square. And for photographers to capture the shots they wanted knowing that the company has built relationships with the local entertainers and food stall crew. And for families to feel safe venturing out to the square with their children, knowing they would experience only the best cuisine.

To book a Tasting Marrakech experience, contact the concierge at Riad 72 in Marrakech.


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