Market day

Market day

Aug 29 - 2015

29 Aug Market day

Bustling trade of all kinds, locals flocking from across the valley to stock up for the week and mouth-watering treats to provide energy throughout the day, a trip to the rural market provides a glimpse in to local life that is second-to-none.

Held daily in various rural communities, a trip to a bustling weekly market provides a different bargaining and souk experience to the Marrakech medina.

Expect locals bustling about as they do their shopping for the week at simple vegetable stands.

For foodies, tea breaks with the most delicious local delicacies, including sefenj (donuts) easily prepared before your eyes and biscuits for sale by the kilogram, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. As lunchtime nears, smoke from the grills rises as skewers of meats and vegetables are grilled to perfection.

Shopping done, it’s time to enjoy a coffee. After all, it seems the weekly market is as much an economic and trading event as it is a social event.

Under the field of white tents, don’t be surprised to barbers doing a bustling trade as men line up for a haircut or even a shave.

In another area, donkeys will be lining up for a visit to the farriers who work away using traditional tools.

Then as it’s time to head home, expect to see packed vans, but the main means of transport are the donkeys and so whatever is purchased, must fit in the saddle bags.

Cool hunting

As this a local market, expect prices to be significantly lower than in touristic souks. Expect to find variety of carpets for sale of varying quality as well as cushion covers.

The ever-practical colourful woven basket for market days are available in abundance and at local rates.

Ground coffee blended with a variety of spices is an aromatic treat.

When to go

Combine a visit to Kasbah Tamadot for trekking and lunch with a stop at the Saturday market in Asni.

On Friday, be sure to stop at the market in Ghmat and perhaps a wander through the ruins of Ghmat before heading off to lunch in the Ourika Valley.

If heading off to Essaouira, a day trip to nearby Had Draa souk is a must-do on a Sunday morning.

Our concierge at Riad 72 and Riad Due would be happy to arrange a day trip for you including a stop at a local market. Book your stay today!


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