Marrakech’s top five off-the-beaten path museums

Marrakech’s top five off-the-beaten path museums

Jun 30 - 2015

30 Jun Marrakech’s top five off-the-beaten path museums

While the main sights of Marrakech tend to be the old city (the medina) itself, there are no shortage of off-the-beaten path museums housing small, but specific collections dedicated to a variety of subjects including photography, textiles and anthropology. We’ve selected our top five museums in Marrakech, perfect for discovering the local culture.

# 1 Maison de la Photographie

This small little riad houses an impressive collection of black-and-white photographs from 1880s to 1950s taken from across Morocco.  Glimpse in to life and landscapes as they were in bygone days and you roam the three levels before heading up to the rooftop terrace to enjoy a tea with a view of the Marrakech medina. Wondering back towards the souks through the Kaat Benahid district, one of the few remaining authentic neighbourhoods of the the medina, one may think that the photos on display in the museum could easily be taken today! Prints are available for sale in both postcard and larger sizes in the gift shop on site.

Address: 46 Rue Ahl Fes (near restaurant Le Foundouk)  
Entrance fee: 40 dhs

#2 Museum of Berber Arts

Step inside the former home of Yves Saint Laurent and examine the customs and culture of the many Berber tribes inhabiting Morocco. The comprehensive collection of tribal jewels will leave bohemians lusting. Step inside the tribal costumes room and, if you have traveled throughout Morocco, may just recognize some of the costumes on display – women draped in handiras, covered in hand-dyed fabrics in southern Morocco, and more!

Address: Rue Yves Saint Laurent (inside the Majorelle Gardens)
Entrance fee: 25 dhs (in addition to the entrance fee required to access Majorelle Gardens)

#3 La Douiria

For visitors wondering what life is like beyond the unassuming doors of the Marrakech medina, this museum provides a glimpse in to the lives of Marrakchi’s then and now. A local guide explains the original use of the douiria when housing a wealthy family and most recently the use as an apartment for a local family.

Address: Derb el Hammam (near the Mouassine Fountain)
Entrance fee: 
 30 dhs

#4 Boucharouite Museum

This museum is a must-see for textile lovers as the collection of rare zindekh and boucharouite carpets displayed throughout the former guest bedrooms is impressive. Owner Patrick is on hand to provide a very detailed tour of the collection, explaining the curation process and providing insight in to the works of art collected from the Atlas Mountains. You may just be surprised to learn the motive behind and materials used to prepare these stunning works of art.

Address: 107 derb El Cadi in the Azbest area of the Marrakech medina
Entrance fee: 40 dhs

 #5 Tiskiwin Museum

With a collection curated from Morocco, the Sahara and neighbouring countries, the building is as interesting as the artifacts secured during anthropologist Bert Flint’s travels throughout the region. Baskets, textiles, jewellery and rare finds on display provide a look in to the lives of inhabitants of the nearby regions.

Address: Derb Saka near the Bahia Palace
Entrance fee: 20 dhs

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