All about Tagine and Tangia

All about Tagine and Tangia

Aug 13 - 2018

13 Aug All about Tagine and Tangia

Here at 72 Riad Living we love food and our own chef prepares the most amazing Moroccan dishes all based on locally produced organic ingredients. We call it our organic farm-to-table philosophy, where we take great pride in working closely together with the local farmers to select the best seasonal products.

You can enjoy both the traditional Moroccan kitchen as well as an upscale fine dining experience with a modern twist in our award winning restaurant. Our restaurant is called La Table du Riad and with just 11 tables it is a very intimate and memorable experience to dine in our lush courtyard or under the stars on the roof terrace.

The Moroccan kitchen is very delicious and diverse in its flavours, influenced by many different cultures like the Berber, Arab, Jewish, Spanish and French. The acclaimed chefs of 72 Riad Living fuse the traditional Moroccan dishes with influences from all over the world to create a dining experience that is both authentic and innovative.

If you only try one Moroccan dish in your life it should of course be the tagine. But what is a tagine and what is the difference between a tagine and a tangia?

A classic Tagine

Tagine This is THE national dish in Morocco! It defines not only the Moroccan cuisine but also the way of life here. Tagine is slow food and you mustn’t be in a rush when preparing it. One uses a traditional clay pot and fill it with beef, chicken, fish or vegetables. Then one cooks it for a several hours with special spices and herbs into a magical dish filled with unique flavours! One then eats it with lots of bread in order to collect all the tasty gravy in the pot!

A classic Tangia

Tangia is one of the six hours dishes of 72 Riad Living, which means that it must be pre-ordered since we serve it according not only the ancient recipe but also according the ancient ways of cooking. Our chefs prepare the meat (lamb or beef) with fresh oranges, fresh ginger and spices then they bring it into the bread oven (the farnatchi) to be cooked for a while. Once prepared, we’ll serve it very fresh to our guests in the stylish ambiance of our restaurant La Table du Riad.

Welcome to La Table du Riad at 72 Riad Living for both lunch and dinner!

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